About Porkopolis BBQ

In 1830, the stars aligned for Peter Bogen and his family when they moved  to Cincinnati, Ohio to start their own Butcher Shop. At the time, it was the heart of the booming meat industry, then known as “Porkopolis.”

Centuries later, it’s still known as that, but Bogen family had long left, driven to the West on a mission to evolve their love for barbeque. Long time friends and restauranteurs Matt Hamilton and Brady Bogen joined together to  open Porkopolis BBQ in April 2012, serving quality barbecue, with a modern flair.

To this day, Porkopolis is dedicated to its home in Chandler, AZ, and partners with people in the community that we love to brag about. So we use Brady’s Signature Sauces, eat Betty’s Paletas for dessert, and toast to crushing a Cardinals game with Four Peaks Kilt Lifter, or a signature Ole Smoky Moonshine Cocktail.


We hope you will stop by and celebrate a Birthday, an Anniversary , or just a night out with friends.  Click Here to see our Dinner Menu or let us Cater your next party.

See You Soon!

The Porko Crew