Brady Bacon Burger Challenge

It's Not Big, It's Ginormous!

It's free if you can hang with the Big Dogs. If not, it'll cost you 35 Bones.


The Brady Bacon Burger Challenge is three, half pound burger patties stacked between between pulled pork, jack cheese, jalapeno cole slaw, and BBQ Aioli.

And well, you know, because a burger wouldn’t be complete without french fries and our infamous bbq beans, this Challenge also includes a pound of fries and half pint of beans. Eat all of it in one swoop, under 35 minutes and not only is it free, but you’ll be one of the very few to grace our Wall of Porko Fame and receive a ‘I Crushed the Brady Bacon Burger Challenge’ T-Shirt and a bottle of sauce. If you can’t hang with the Big Dogs on this one, you’ll need to fork over $35.00 and call it a day.

Watch us on the Food Network’s Ginormous Food Show.

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